The world through my viewfinder


A Fish In The Grass

Glass mosaic fish in a Garden at the RHS Flower Show









Have you ever felt like a fish out of water?  Been in a situation where you felt uncomfortable in your own skin? – or found yourself in a place you just didn’t belong?

Someone once told me – if you’re going to stand out anyway, why not shine while you’re at it!


Visible Veins

Shots from the RHS Flower Show









The veins here are beautiful, the detail intricate, the design unique and mesmerising.

So this got me thinking about other veins. The veins in rocks can expose beautiful minerals; imagine if the veins in our bodies worked the same way. Revealing our value, something hidden, tightly covered and wrapped up by the defences we’ve built over years, defences to protect what really matters, our personal shell of safety.

Anyone can build a shell, but it takes courage to allow glimpses of who we are underneath our armour – to expose our veins like a rock splitting open and showing our true beauty.

Invisible Power

A Hay built windmill at the RHS Flower Show
Invisible power

Often silent

We believe we can harness and control

Invisible power

Never still

Deceiving the multitudes

Invisible power

Impossible to tame

Breathing life into the lifeless

A Gaggle of Gondolas

Gondolas on the Grand Canal Inspired by World Photo Day yesterday – this seems like a good time to return to my blog, post baby, mid crazy life of a working mum.  This image, shot in Venice seems to perfectly demonstrate my crazy new world.  These boats look in something of a muddle, but in reality this is organised chaos.  They are not about to crash, they can each see a clear route through – it’s only to a bystander that this looks dangerous; to them it’s just everyday life. They see a way through but are ready to change direction at a moments notice – it’s what they do.  That’s what life can be like as a working mum, as each day goes by you realise that although it’s crazy busy and you’re juggling a million things – you plot a course but remain ready to adapt at any time, to the outsider this can look like chaos – to you it’s just life.

The Formula for Art Part 1

Paintings by Bernar Venet
When I was in Venice just a few weeks ago I went to an unusual art exhibition. The exhibition featured the work of Bernar Venet (a french artist who happens to have an edition of the Bugatti Veyron named after him). In his work he honours one of the founders of mathematics Al Khwarizmi (credited as the originator of algebra) .

At first I wasn’t sure if I liked the pieces…but the longer I sat and absorbed the images the more beautiful and engaging they became. As with many of the exhibitions I saw in Venice, space, and time to take in what I saw wasn’t a problem. It seemed that the thousands of people swarming around the Piazza San Marco or St Mark’s Square had no idea that such stunning art was only a few minutes away. Yes Venice is a beautiful city but the secrets hidden in and around it can be just as stunning and sometimes very unusual.


Chrysanthemums at the RHS Flower ShowWhen I was a little girl my Grandad told me that Chrysanthemums were the most beautiful of flowers, each year he would grow and tend them in our garden. So many stunning colours would bloom year after year, my favourites were always the yellow ones – they reminded me of the sun.
These fabulous examples are from the RHS Flower Show at Tatton Park – they reminded me how much I loved a chrysanthemum in full bloom.

Summer Sands

Sunshine across the anglesey beachWhen you’re waiting for summer
Cold seems colder
Grey seems greyer
Days seem shorter

You miss the sunlight

When you’re waiting for summer
You imagine the warmth
You remember the brightness
You breathe in the freshness

You miss the sunlight

When you’re waiting for summer
Feet yearn for the sand
Ankles dream of the waves
Finger tips for the sun lotion

Then comes the sunlight